Four Historical Casualty Charts lists wrecks around the coastline covering over 400 years.



  • 1552 – 1913 shows 1,400 casualties which were lost at sea from when South Africa settled by Europeans until prior to World War I on an ancient map of southern Africa.




  •  1914 – 1945 shows 379 casualties that are colour coded and accurately plotted on a modified navigation chart of the area between the mid Atlantic and mid Indian Ocean and into the southern Ocean.



  • 1946 – 1984: 1,156 casualties colour coded according to type of accident and plotted, indicating density on a colourful chart with a picture of a salvage tug.



  • The Agulhas 1673 -1972: A very attractive chart which lists all the wrecks around the Agulhas from 1673 – 1972.




  • A beautifully illustrated wall chart of 64 Marine Species of South Africa. All the species are in real life colour with their name. This Marine Species Chart forms an accurate reference to angling, commercial and exotic marine species in South African waters.




Dimensions: 1,000 mm × 700 mm each

South Africa: R150 per chart incl. postage & tube packaging
Namibia: R200 per chart incl. postage & tube packaging
Other Countries: Contact us for prices